Since Arduino 1.6, the libraries path not only available in Arduino default path installed (\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries), there is another path to be considered.

Yesterday, I got an error caused by same multiple installed libraries but different path name. Between LiquidCrystal library and NewLiquidCrystal library.

Celcom ada menawarkan pakej terbaru berkenaan servis internet/data prepaid. Kali ini agak menarik, kerana ada 2 pilihan pakej untuk harian. RM1 untuk 30MB dan RM5 untuk 300MB kuota. Pakej RM1 hanya sesuai untuk orang tertentu, macam aku yang sudah kehabisan akses di iPad dan perlu menggunakan internet sekejap di telefon pintar.

Pakej penuh adalah seperti di bawah.

It took about few weeks for to understand (hard way) the application of Interrupt in Ethernet Shield. There is no complete explanation or manual in the internet could be found. Anybody (including me) who were trying to search how to write the arduino sketch and make interrupt works will find a partial explanation in forum.

As I discovered the way how to make interrupt work in Ethenet Sheild, I think people out there maybe has the same difficulty like me. So, I try my best to explain it all (hopefully) and make everybody understand.

Using powerpoint for presentation at secondary desktop or projector without viewing primary desktop.


  1.  2 display ports or notebook with extended VGA port.
  2. Windows 2000, XP and above.
  3. Microsoft Office 2003 and above.

Steps: Extend primary desktop to secondary desktop.

  1. Right click at desktop and choose “screen resolution”.
  2. At “multiple displays”, choose “extend these displays”. Then, apply all settings.