Since Windows 10 build 1803, RSAT (Remote Server Adminitration Tool) is not available for download. We can get it by installing it from Manage Option Features section. However, in some cases, it can not be done due to GPO permission or Windows Update on prem.

You might connected relay module to Arduino. Once power up, relay flickered in a second.

You might not like it because it gave unstable output (or unwanted output) during initial boot up.

As I wrote a sketch for my stepper motor controlled by Blynk, I found the push button caused stepper motor did 2 revolutions for each push.

Using ESP8266-01 module as a shield to Arduino Uno is hard to establish. I took a week to google around to get and fix several issues for this arrangement.

In this article, Arduino Uno will use ESP8266 as a shield and communicate between this devices using SoftwareSerial at uncommon pin D2 and D3. Common serial communication pin D0 and D1 will be left as debugger or for console. I will use Blynk sketch as for the programming.