I planted chilli and pak choi in pots using hydroponic system. So, I do not have to watch and take care of it in giving fertilizer and watering. Nearly a month, the plants grow very well and suddenly. chilli has been attacked by snail.

At the same time, I have a plan to monitor and record the growth of the plants. It is for my next project.

Below, you can watch the picture of the plants that automatically captured using ESP32-CAM. Help me and see how the intruder attack the plants. :)


I have a problem with my Microsoft account and all access to Microsoft 365 are locked. I do not know why and when the problem started. Even after I contacted Microsoft support, I do not have the answer for both questions.

What I found, when reporting problem to Microsoft support, there will be a time that it need you to logon to support. How can you do that when your account has been locked?

Since Windows 10 build 1803, RSAT (Remote Server Adminitration Tool) is not available for download. We can get it by installing it from Manage Option Features section. However, in some cases, it can not be done due to GPO permission or Windows Update on prem.

You might connected relay module to Arduino. Once power up, relay flickered in a second.

You might not like it because it gave unstable output (or unwanted output) during initial boot up.