Since April, I moved into new house. Actually, I really hate in term of its environment and pressure I am facing right now. I am trying my best to cheer my life back. One of many things I planned to do in this new home was subscribing internet service.

And the speed is 30Mbs which is too much for me. The lowest speed is 10Mbs but without IPTV. After I got the service online, it is good for me offer internet service in the neighbourhood. Atleast I can cover the cost each month.

However, people near by are rich enough to have their own internet subscription from local provider. Thats might give people not to subscribe with me. At least I have the knowledge to build my own system in offering internet service. It is good for me.

I choose ZeroShell because it is easy to use and understandable for me as an amature in IT and Linux. And I also lazy to study more in depth hehehe. Also, I have been using Zeroshell many years ago in making cyber cafe for my friends but not captive portal. Other tools, I found them very hard to understand, very technical and don't have what I want.

But, one key component I require that is missing is no self registration service. For that, I need to add Zerotruth in it. The best thing about Zerotruth, it is also have paypal service as payment gateway. What I don't like about Zerotruth, even it is very easy but it is very hard to understand each function and its capabilities. I have to test them one by one. Any how, I dont have any choice to use Zerotruth in Zeroshell.

I like to make a tutorial about this but I do not have much time. Please pray for me to have free time to do it. For initial effort, I present below video for you to watch and understand it.