I subscribed Unifi in April 2018. In my house, it is more than 10 devices connected to my router including IoT devices.

One day, my sister told me that her smart phone and notebook not connected to internet. From her information, we might assume Unifi service is bad. However, HyppTV and other devices has connection to internet via wifi since it located near the router. My sister accessed internet from her room up stair.


I did some troubleshoot. I brought her device and notebook near the router also did not solve the problem. What I found, wifi connection was there but it unable to get IP address from router. It got IP address 169.*.*.*. This is not good.

I restarted all Unifi equipment didn't help either.

Since April, I moved into new house. Actually, I really hate in term of its environment and pressure I am facing right now. I am trying my best to cheer my life back. One of many things I planned to do in this new home was subscribing internet service.

And the speed is 30Mbs which is too much for me. The lowest speed is 10Mbs but without IPTV. After I got the service online, it is good for me offer internet service in the neighbourhood. Atleast I can cover the cost each month.

However, people near by are rich enough to have their own internet subscription from local provider. Thats might give people not to subscribe with me. At least I have the knowledge to build my own system in offering internet service. It is good for me.

Sebelum ini juga terbaca artikel yang mana mereka menggunakan antenna parabola satelit sebagai antenna Wifi . Selalunya ia bersifat directional atau satu arah.

Tip ini sesuai untuk pencuri WiFi jiran sebelah. Nama pun jiran sebelah, maka banyaklah Access Point yang boleh kita perolehi. Tip ini bukanlah menyelesaikan satu masalah tetapi lebih kepada memanjang servis internet tanpa menyambung semula secara manual. Biasa la, nak sambung manual memang leceh. Maka, ada cara untuk bagi dia jadi automatik. Tapi aku guna DD-WRT. Mungkin ada firmware lain yang sesuai tapi aku tak ketemu.

 Cara nak curi WiFi jiran sebelah:

Selagi korang boleh sambung ke internet rumah diorang tanpa kebenaran tu, kira mencuri la tu. Kalau ada encryption, pandai-pandai la korang crack sendiri. Hehehhehe.

Adakah anda ingat bagaimana kami menggunakan Astro Dish untuk mendapatkan isyarat wifi yang jauh?

Astro Dish menjadi Wifi Dish.