Last Tuesday, I attended my son's first day in school. Suddenly, caught into my eyes, a display monitor hang on the wall of the school building. It was displaying Linux console start display with Raspberry Pi logos. Wow, at first, I thought the school use some kind of advertisement equipment or media centre. But I was wrong. It is much better than that.

The next day, a teacher climbed on a stair to reach the monitor display with wireless keyboard and mouse. Then he started a program and then a display came out.

It shows several information carbon dioxide saving level, nuclear energy saving level and solar converted to electric energy level. From the picture, you can see the first 3 hours solar energy has been harvested in the morning.

And up on the roof, solar panel installed on it. Not many covered but it is a good move for a school in Malaysia.

Congratulation to Sekolah Kebangsaan USJ 12, Subang Jaya for having a move toward clean energy. I know there are many schools in Malaysia use solar energy especially in remote area. But, having Raspberry Pi is the first thing I know.