I have designed and wrote a program to monitor temperature and humidity 2 months ago. It took me another a month to publish it. Why? Because I can not find any suitable circuit sketch for Arduino. And lazy. Hehhe.

So, what I can give to the other people about my latest project is only in short description. Any problem/questions, just ask me in comment down below using Facebook.

Objective: Build a system using Arduino to monitor temperature and humidity and save it in memory card.



After I plan to have a new project with Arduino, I need to know how to build a circuit that can read voltage or what we can call it voltage reader using Arduino.

I found this site and have tried it. But, it seems like the program has a lot of error. I tried it with 1.5V AA battery and it gave me 350V??!!!


Hi, It has been so long I am not talking about arduino. I have a project with arduino and I will expose it yet. But, one part of the project (programmes) is to have a log file in SD card named by date. Something like YYYYMMDD.CSV file.

Basically, I used RTClib.h library because date/time syncronisiation is very simple. To create file name based on date, we need to put every digit in file name charactor from integer values. So, we need to know about % (modulo) and / (divider) algorithm. Some of us maybe not very familiar with modulo. You can read about module in here.

And also, we must understand SD.h is only allow 12 characters, something like 8 characters for file name, . , and 3 characters for the extention file name. (YYYYMMDD.CVS) Total 12. More than that is not acceptable.


After having difficulty to remap the MUT coding from ECU of my car, I have to put a site this project temporarily. I still waiting a good time for me to get USB to serial adapter that compatible with Win 7. Mine is not compatible at all. I do not want to invest unused/incompatible device because I have short of money. Furthermore, most of my salary has to go to my son's education fund. I am not complaint about it but I really frustrated having an item I bought is not help my hobby at all.

I got a temperature sensor called LM35. The package similar to common transistor and slightly doubt on its look. I bought a few weeks ago from Ebay. Once i got it, it was hard to handle it. The pins were really fragile and thought it was better for me to buy the sensor that already soldered on a PCB. But, without the PCB, the cost is very cheap. Finally, I ended up to continue this lab with simple sensor connection and I think I never use the sensor in the next project after all.