The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools.


In Garage Box, I will write article about my experience with Raspberry Pi.


Ini bukan kedai Pi. Tetapi aplikasi dalam Debian (Raspbian) yang berfungsi dengan perkakasan Raspberry Pi untuk memasang aplikasi lain seperti permainan video dan aplikasi pejabat. Nampaknya, Raspberry Pi sedang mengikuti langkah Google Play dan App Store dalam memudahkan pemasangan aplikasi yang diingini oleh pengguna.

Last month, I got a call from Element 14 and asked me to register my company with them to get the best price for my next order. How can I register my company as I am not own one? hehehe. They thought I have a company because I ordered 4 units of Raspberry Pi in 3 months.

Actually, I bought them for my friends and myself. I sold 1 unit to a college girl I newly met. She planned to built a karaoke set using computer with Windows. But, I encouraged her to use Raspberry Pi just because of it size, reliability and glamour.

Inside Karaoke set.

I got my Raspberry Pi case last week from Poland. See the picture below.

The box is made from acrylic sheet, cut, i guess using a laser cutter machine and transparent. The blue look is caused by the blue film protection. I should take it off before assemble it but i don't.

So, I can leave my Raspi on a shelf without collecting dust anymore.


Walaupun Raspberry Pi model B mendapat sambutan yang hangat, Raspberry Pi Foudation masih lagi mahu mengeluarkan model A yang kurang keupayaannya.

Making torrent box by using Raspberry Pi is not complicated. I think most of us making torrent box by using x86 processor. So, at the first thought, maybe I got a few problems whenever i use ARM-Raspberry Pi. But, it is still piece of cake and a few issues came out happened like x86 processor.

So in this article, I just want to help you to make torrent box without any problem and fast. I use Torrentflux-b4rt because it has WGET. I love wget whenever I want to download files and forget. Try download it from . For the OS, i use Raspbian Whezzy.