I got my Raspberry Pi case last week from Poland. See the picture below.

The box is made from acrylic sheet, cut, i guess using a laser cutter machine and transparent. The blue look is caused by the blue film protection. I should take it off before assemble it but i don't.

So, I can leave my Raspi on a shelf without collecting dust anymore.



It gives me an idea to design and build a new casing for different purpose. Currently, I am planning to replace my bulky, PC-like torrent box at my mother's house with raspi. And at the same time, the system also can be attached with Xbee module. I need to use Xbee because I am planning also another project.

The problem is I can not afford a 128GB SD card to store a big torrent files. Maybe, I need to use a smaller capacity or still using a very cheap SD card and store torrent files in USB flash drive or external harddrive. So, then I need a powered USB hub too.

I have tested torrent box and Xbee with Xig separately and it works fine. Only a bug with Xig because of the python script. I need to look into this matter later.

Then, I can have a system with small space, light, reliable, easy to maintain, and less power to consume. Please, pray for me.