There will be a time, we, the Angry Technician, fucked up with our job. No support from Microsoft as a distro and "expert" people in our company. Fuck them.

One of my friend, was trying to figure something to solve a problem where in SharePoint client side, Internet Explorer did not has a fully functional multiple upload. He tried to find the cause since last week and the user did not want my service as my friend is more handsome than me. Yes user, do not bother me next time. You can see an example below.

#1: Working option of Upload Multiple Documents

Using WiFi USB Adapter with Ralink RT5370 at Raspberry Pi maybe has a different approach like other WiFi adapter. This article is ease your mind when using this type of wifi adaptor.

Using in OpenELEC XBMC.

Setting up the USB is very easy because the module is already there. What give us a headache is sometimes XBMC not detect the network interface.

In order to get the wifi network interface works, make sure wifi USB adapter is connected properly. Then, at the XBMC setting, (refer above screenshot), change network interface between wlan1 to wlan0 or vice-versa that work for it.

Simple, right.

Nampaknya, ada juga orang yang perasan pencetak 3D ni boleh menghasilkan senjata api. Keperhatinan Zaman Khan selaku bekas polis, menampakkan dia lebih cenderung dengan perkembangan semasa berbanding mereka yang berada dalam agensi penguatkuasa.

Kami telah beberapa kali menyiarkan artikel berkenaan penectak 3D ini dan bahayanya.

Sesiapa yang ada baca Arduino Pro Mini bersama DHT11, adalah agak bangang sebenarnya projek ni. Arduino Pro Mini sambung Arduino Uno untuk baca parameter DHT11? Sepatutnya, Arduino Pro Mini berfungsi secara sendiri tanpa bantuan alatan tambahan. Arduino Uno hanya berfungsi sekali untuk memuat naik sketch sahaja.