It took about few weeks for to understand (hard way) the application of Interrupt in Ethernet Shield. There is no complete explanation or manual in the internet could be found. Anybody (including me) who were trying to search how to write the arduino sketch and make interrupt works will find a partial explanation in forum.

As I discovered the way how to make interrupt work in Ethenet Sheild, I think people out there maybe has the same difficulty like me. So, I try my best to explain it all (hopefully) and make everybody understand.

Using powerpoint for presentation at secondary desktop or projector without viewing primary desktop.


  1.  2 display ports or notebook with extended VGA port.
  2. Windows 2000, XP and above.
  3. Microsoft Office 2003 and above.

Steps: Extend primary desktop to secondary desktop.

  1. Right click at desktop and choose “screen resolution”.
  2. At “multiple displays”, choose “extend these displays”. Then, apply all settings.


Maybank telah memperkenalkan satu sistem baru untuk penjualan dan pembayaran melalui Maybank bagi penjual dan pembeli barang secara online.

Bagusnya sistem ini, kalau penjual yang sentiasa on-the-go dan sibuk, sistem ini amat sesuai. Hanya perlu ambil gambar menggunakan smartphone Apple atau Android, tulis sedikit perihal barang tersebut, harga, email, telefon, nama penjual, akaun penerima bayaran dan harga barang. Selepas ditulis, setiap barang disenaraikan ada URL setiap satu.

Application (especially Microsoft Office) hang and not responding while opening file.

There are many causes that give this kind of problem. But for this tip, it caused by indexing problem.

Troubleshooting and find out: Type “Indexing options” at run and found this application also hang and not responding. Windows Search sometimes not available.

Solution: Reinstall Windows Search and Indexing service.