Application (especially Microsoft Office) hang and not responding while opening file.

There are many causes that give this kind of problem. But for this tip, it caused by indexing problem.

Troubleshooting and find out: Type “Indexing options” at run and found this application also hang and not responding. Windows Search sometimes not available.

Solution: Reinstall Windows Search and Indexing service.


  1. At run type “Turn windows features on and off” and press enter.
  2.  Uncheck “Windows Search” and “Indexing service” in the list.
  3. Restart PC.
  4. Once restart, RUN menu at startup will disappear.
  5. To run “Turn windows features on and off”, take a look at Start > Control Panel > programs and features. At the left side, you can find “Turn windows features on and off”.
  6.  Check “Windows Search” and “Indexing service” in the list. Apply all settings and restart.
  7.  After login, type services.msc at run.
  8. Check and make sure Windows Search service started and set at automatic.
  9. Check “Indexing Option” whether it run smooth without hanging after execution.

If the problem still occur, maybe it caused by other problem.