There will be a time, we, the Angry Technician, fucked up with our job. No support from Microsoft as a distro and "expert" people in our company. Fuck them.

One of my friend, was trying to figure something to solve a problem where in SharePoint client side, Internet Explorer did not has a fully functional multiple upload. He tried to find the cause since last week and the user did not want my service as my friend is more handsome than me. Yes user, do not bother me next time. You can see an example below.

#1: Working option of Upload Multiple Documents



#2: Problem with Upload Multiple Documents option. Greyed out.

This kind of problem is caused by missing add-on called STSUpld CopyCtl Class in Internet Explorer. But we must know that this add-on only available from Microsoft Office and not external download for IE. So, it is hard to figure out because we sure that IE and Office is not related. Stupid right?

What you can do to solve this problem, reinstall or repair your Microsoft Office.

In our case, the problem only happen with the OS image that included Microsoft Office 2013 but not the PC that installed with Office 2010 upgraded to Office 2013. Our solution is customized install Sharepoint from Microsoft Office 2010. So, it can work together with Microsoft Office 2013.

In our environment, our Microsoft Office 2010 installer got no option to have customized install except full install. Another stupidity. Yeah! We left em full installed. Still can solved the problem.