HP Compaq sudah mula mengeluarkan notebook tanpa OS. Tujuannya untuk menjual notebook murah kepada pengguna yang boleh install sendiri OSnya. So, tak kira guna pirated OS ke atau pun Linux unix alike.

Sebenarnya model Presario V3128TU adalah salah satu model dari series V3000. Terima kasih kepada my fren, Justabigguy sebab berusaha tanpa jemu mencari sebab kenapa tak boleh install Win XP dalam notebook model ini. Ini sebahagian dari tipnya dari lowyat.net

I also have the same problem I bought a presario V3128TU with freedos but when tried to install Xp, Xp could not detect my hardisk eventhough the sistem does. Then i boot with Win98 installation cd and manage to format the hardisk and manage to get 80 gig but when i tried again to install xp the installtion could not detect my hardisk again. I called the hp customer care centre and they said to disble to native sata support on the bios. I did and it manage to procedd but when it reboot the xp installation displayed a fatal error saying it cannot copied file to the hardisk.

Then i jump to the internet and seaching for an answer. It happened that XP is having problem is u install it on a sata drive. Have to F6 and load the sata driver manual via a floppy disk...haha..now come the biggest trick..this notebook does not come with a floppy disk..and how the hell im going to install the sata driver..and xp installation only recognize floppy as a medium to load the driver..

i hope this will shed some light and im still trying to find a solution to this.

Yang peliknya model ni, tak disertakan driver. Kena download dari website lelebih lagi untuk sound driver.

My frens thinked that this is the way the lowyat's tokeh gain money for helping to setup Win XP in this notebook coz it cost about RM300.