Hi, Today, I would like to introduce my new project, DL_SESSION script.



The purpose of this script are

  1. To limit user access to downloadable file.
  2. To limit download session for few hours or minutes.
Webmaster or owner of a webpage who using this script can give an access to valid or approved user to download a file. Maybe, it is suitable for selling digital material such ebook, small software, movie clips, music files and pictures via internet.
To download this script, click here.


I wrote this script just to proof myself that I can write the script. But, at the same time, I am not planning to improve the security feature or include any authentication for this script. You can use, distribute, copy and modify it without any permission.

I am not responsible to any damage while using this script.

I will not give any support for the script. The development of the script will continue but depend on my free time.
Any comment and suggestion are welcome.