There are a few update for previous KLampu.  To reduce the capacity of CD iso, we need to remove few unwanted packages. These are the packages that I think should be removed.

1) nmap
2) libnessus2
3) nessus
4) nessus-plugins
5) nessusd
6) startnessus-knoppix
7) clamav
8) clamav-freshclam
9) clamav-base
10) frozen-bubble

Please use #apt-get remove to remove them. That is what I think for this time.

Next, maybe you need some additional program language such as python and PHP-CLI. Please use #apt-get install to install them. If not, you need to update the list of packages before install.

1) php5-cli
2) perl
3) python  

Whenever you try to set rc level in chroot using rcconf, you will notice the rc level link not available after remastering. This is because the link is removed during the process of remastering. So, what you have to do is to edit Knoppix.postgrade file in the script before you start remaster.

You edit the file and go to line 5. You will see a line something like this. for i in ‘ls –d1 /etc/rc?.d/* | egrep –v –e ‘(README|knoppix|…………..

Please add daemon in between |…..|

This way will solve the issue.