Without any early notice, I have been informed by close friend that BackTrack 3 already in the final stage.
I think it was released in June. From the previous release, i enjoy using BackTrack 3 Beta to crack WEP key whereaver i go. It really helps me out.


The problem is that for wifi chipset intel 3945 script (ipw3945i.sh)is not properly written and im lazy to remaster it. Just wait for final release and maybe they will make a correction.

Wrong. They are still not make the correction in this final release. As usual, i need to rewritten modporbe to modprobe and ipraw to ipwraw.

I wonder, if this is a known mistake or not.

But, right now, i am running BackTrack 3 in USB stick (thumbdrive). It is really faster than running in CD and i think it saves a lot energy for notebook.