With conjuction of my article on Detecting and removing malware without antivirus software (To beat and trick virus) , the truth is about my latest finding of a new virus. Maybe it is an old virus reported by many antivirus distribution companies other than TrendMicro.

The virus is called WORM_UTOTI.BL (TrendMicro). The virus was very smart and made me wonder why TrendMicro took a long time to respond on it.

Thefore, it take a lot of time to recover and fix the damage made by this virus. Symantec (W32.Killaut.A) has a long page how to fix it. But for me, identifying the contagious files and find the file's names are good enough.

I wish many antivirus distributors have a good respond even it not come from their client. The good thing is, they can prepare for protection and counter-measure before malware/virus attack.