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After having difficulty to remap the MUT coding from ECU of my car, I have to put a site this project temporarily. I still waiting a good time for me to get USB to serial adapter that compatible with Win 7. Mine is not compatible at all. I do not want to invest unused/incompatible device because I have short of money. Furthermore, most of my salary has to go to my son's education fund. I am not complaint about it but I really frustrated having an item I bought is not help my hobby at all.

For my new project, is Arduino Solar Powered System. My further project for it Fish Tank project. Now my problem is, I do not have enough fund to invest in Power Charging Controller and 12V solar penal. Hopefully I can afford to buy a power solar power. So, my total investment for these 2 devices is around USD 170 - USD 200. Even it is a small amount but I can not use my salary for it. No way.

I am trying to sell anything from my garage but it is a small return. Maybe I take about 1 year just to secure USD200 from this selling.

Wish me luck in my adventure to create new thing. Unless, you can fund my project.